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Several Masquerade titles are now available with CD

(March 14, 2011)
 Czardas & cd  myriads & cd standard Takes all sorts flute & cd  Takes all sorts alto sax & cd 


We are delighted to announce that selected Masquerade-music titles are now available WITH CD for the very first time.

Aware that not all of us have a piano accompanist at our every beck and call, the new cd option enables you to play with accompaniment (or along to the demonstartion track if confidence is initially lacking!).

Our cd's feature concert A tuning note, full demonstration tracks in addition to the piano only backing tracks. Selected titles (such as Czardas, bb Clarinet & piano) also come with bonus backing tracks at various speeds to enable you to start practicing fairly early on with accompaniment whilst preparing for the full speed or even 'fearless' version!.

Czardas, Myriads, and Takes all sorts! (Alto saxophone, and Flute editions) are our first titles to be newly available with CD. PLUS.... even more exciting..... the Cd's are included at NO EXTRA cost.

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