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Credit and Debit cards accepted .... NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT required!

(July 24, 2011)

It is a common misconception that to pay through Paypal you need to have a Paypal account. Indeed SOME online stores may require this option but you'll be pleased to know that only a Credit / Debit card is needed in our Masquerade-music shop, NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT REQUIRED!


  • Fill your basket with required books / products
  • Click the 'Proceed to checkout' button
  • Enter the required name / address (required delivery information)
  • The Paypal option should already be selected (circle icon should be blue)
  • Check your delivery details and click 'Paypal click here to pay'
  • A log in screen for Paypal with then appear. LOOK ON THE LEFT, it says " Don't have a Paypal account? Use your credit card or bank account". Click 'continue'
  • Simply type your card voila!








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