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Pick & Mix quartets collection available next week!

(November 25, 2011)

We are pleased to present 'Pick & Mix quartets', a fully flexible collection of 9 short pieces for amateur ensembles of around grade 3 - 5 standard.

 pick & mix quartets

Featuring all original pieces by Keri Degg it is an ideal collection for school ensembles, amateur groups, sax quartets and so many more line ups. As Keri herself is an experienced teacher of saxophone, Clarinet and flute, she fully understands the difficulties that the instruments have and has written sympathetically accordingly. The titles in the collection are;

Gymnopedie (an easy gentle piece in the style of Satie)

Together we stand (an almost celtic but militant feel with feeling building throughout)

'Cos Ned said (a funky swingy number with improvisation on an easy blues scale by player)

All that you are (a slushy ballade....ahhhhhhh :)  )

Quartet with no name (rather 'sountrack' like with interweaving polyphonic parts)

Shmooky and Mo (a groovy lolloping swing with amusing interjections)

Milonga no more (an evocative slow tango with a hidden message at the start...can you find it?)

Tango murambo (a rather 'tongue in cheek' exploration of tango with cheeky moments from most players)

Clockwork chuck (as in chicken! An amusing quartet in 5/4 time with the odd bar of 6/4 thrown in for good measure. Have fun trying to count this and enjoy the random squarks and clucks before the poor thing comes to an untimely end!)


Pick & Mix quartets consists of;

Full score (with ALL 12 possible parts)

Part A x 3 ( 1 of each C,Bb,Eb instruments)

Part B x 3 ( 1 of each C,Bb,Eb instruments)

Part C x 3 ( 1 of each C,Bb,Eb instruments)

Part D x 3 ( 1 of each C,Bb,Eb instruments)


It goes without saying that parts can be doubled up if you wish to use it in a larger ensemble, and indeed the texture works very well and less confident players will often appreciate the support of a buddy playing the same part.

In addition, there are areas on some of the parts / pieces where a choice of octave is given again, for added choice and to benefit less experienced or confident players. The pieces are at various levels, Gymnopedie, All that you are, and together we stand for example should be perfectly playable by your grade 3 players, but there are also pieces such as Clockwork chuck and Shmooky and Mo that are more challenging (but still within the grade 5 and under parameter) to cater for your group as it gains in confidence.

Pick & Mix quartets can be PRE-ORDERED now at the special introductory price of £14.99 (limited time only). Dispatch is estimated at mid - late w/c 28 November 2011, in plenty of time for Christmas!

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