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Exciting new year ahead.....

(January 12, 2012)

Well, we proudly celebrated our first 'birthday' in December and are pleased at what 2011 brought;

* Newer publications 'Ballade' and 'Pick & Mix quartets' were released in the new 'non spine' format which we feel works well and will be continuing to adopt on all future publications 
* We have an ever growing customer base through the website mailing list, and through twitter (@ma5querademusic) and Facebook (Keri Degg
* Towards the end of 2011 we began approaching distributors; Music sales Ltd (in charge of the hugely popular and multiple other smaller 'feeder' shops), June Emerson, Windblowers Nottingham who all gladly agreed to stock / sell our books
* We adopted a 'one postage per order' policy to offer best value, and also included demonstration / backing cd's at no extra cost. 


new covers for 2012

A sneaky preview of one of the new 2012 cover designs
(Czardas text for illustration purposes only)


There are already fantastic plans for the year ahead. Here are a few you can look forward to;

* Excitingly fresh new cover designs including the example shown above
* New publications including a Celtic flute album, more for woodwind ensemble, and more...
* More competitions and special offers to our loyal customers and mailing list-ees
* Further distribution (include continuing to expand our worldwide market)
* Improved materials (minimum 100g paper, and upgraded printing systems, actually being delivered today!)






We wish to thank you for your custom in 2011 and look forward to an exciting year ahead

Happy new year from Masquerade music!

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