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'Ballade' to feature on the Trinity college Jazz Sax syllabus

(July 21, 2014)

Ballade cover gr 7


With the recent unveiling of the new Trinity College (formerly known as Trinity Guildhall) syllabus of graded exams, we are pleased to report that our Saxophone 'Ballade' (Eb or Bb, universal sax part, with two piano parts included plus CD) is to feature on both the Eb and Bb sax options in the Grade 7 Jazz sax option.

Written by Keri Degg, Ballade has smooth lines with an improvised-style feel (although not to panic; no improvising is required in this piece; you get all the notes!) and follows a building progression finalising in a reflective conclusion. Click on the image above to go to more details, and an audio recording.

Trinty exams provide healthy goal posts for many who wish to focus their studies, and, unlike the ABRSM Jazz exams there is the option to go all the way to grade 8 (ABRSM jazz exams stop at grade 5 currently). They also offer various choices in addition to the routine 3 pieces; improvisation (given a rhythmic, or melodic stimulus), musical knowledge, aural tests, and sight reading. There IS even an option to opt out of scales and learn 2 or 3 extra short pieces instead (though we didn't tell you that.... ;D)

Keri's Ballade joins her Songs for Claire for Sax and piano (published by Spartan Press) whose final movement, Flying free features on the Grade 4 Jazz sax Trinity syllabus.

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