A Sonnet to Steinway & sons

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Our 'In house' composer Keri Degg attended a musical weekend some time ago and was fortunate enough to have access whilst there to a stunning Steinway grand piano. So astonishingly beautiful was its action that she went on it around 10.30pm and when she looked at her watch again it was almost 2am!

Ever since then, she's yearned for one of these and has started stalking.. ('ahem...FOLLOWING) Steinway on twitter. Here's the latest attempt to woo a piano....

A Sonnet to Steinway

There once was a maiden named Keri

Who ought've been awfully merry

but the piano she played had left her dismayed

and was really only fit for to bury.


Her practice routine quite secure,

with scales with two hands and far more,

diminished, pentatonic, whole tone, chromatic,

she played until fingers were sore.


So one day on twitter, she started to witter

to Steinway and sons and their wares

She grovelled and pleaded and told of her woe

in the hope that a piano they'd share.


Having played on a Steinway before

at a musical weekend near 't' shore

She fell hook line and sinker for that feeling to tinker

and longed for that feeling once more.


So please Mr Steinway don't tease

I promise to practice and please

I'll tell of your name and great exploits you'll see

if you'll just send a Steinway to me!